Thursday, December 24, 2009


Two parallel stories. In one, George W. Bush and I visit what seems to be some sort of crypt that houses dead bodies from the Salem Witch Trials. It is a cavern-like space, and the bodies mainly hang upside down by their feet from the ceiling. They are still fleshy and not skeletal. George W. Bush grabs one of the bodies, hands on both cheeks, pulls it to his face, squeezes it and keeps repeating "You're a witch, b***." I am filled with terror at the dark thought that he really believes these women were witches, and I think about how it will ruin him in the press once people find out.

Going on at the same time was a plane crash into an iceberg. The plane contained Barack Obama as well as everyone in the successive line of the presidency up to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, who became president of the United States. Eventually, someone who we all know to be the Vice President takes back over, but Barack is never found.

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