Thursday, December 24, 2009


1) On a platform or boat or something. It started raining and soon began to flood until my room was completely submerged, and I knew that all of my possessions were destroyed. The water level kept rising until a group of us were going to jump onto a grated metal platform to survive. The jump seemed possible, but by no means certain, and I felt deep regret that I had chosen to be there in that place when the rain had started, and I thought about how that one choice would cost me my life.

2) In a restaurant with Donald, a friend from Russia, and Jim, a friend of the present. The waitress was Russian, and we chatted with her and were friendly. I was not ordering food because I had already eaten, and she said to me meanly, "Я знаю, почему вы не ешьте." I was bothered by this, so later I got up, walked over to her and said to her in a sincere but stern voice, "Я обиделся." I then went to the amusement park/carnival by myself, and met Donald there. I explained to him that I don't mind when people joke about my weight, but her intentionally aggressive tone upset me and I had to leave.

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