Wednesday, March 17, 2010


The grocery store is having a sale. I do not know the particulars of the sale, but whatever I buy I can afford and checking out with an entire cart of groceries only cost $4. I lost my groceries after I bought them and was rushing back in to buy more before the sale ended when I woke up.

Thursday, December 24, 2009


I'm driving on wet roads. It's raining and I'm in high-alert mode. The van in front of me stops and though I brake in plenty of time and with plenty of space, my car won't stop and taps the back of the van so slightly that I think the driver won't notice. He does notice though and starts yelling at me, his van having somehow turned sideways so he can scream out the window at me. I don't yell back but listen in exhaustion and exasperation.


I'm kissing an ex-girlfriend. It feels wrong, weird and bearing consequence.


1) On a platform or boat or something. It started raining and soon began to flood until my room was completely submerged, and I knew that all of my possessions were destroyed. The water level kept rising until a group of us were going to jump onto a grated metal platform to survive. The jump seemed possible, but by no means certain, and I felt deep regret that I had chosen to be there in that place when the rain had started, and I thought about how that one choice would cost me my life.

2) In a restaurant with Donald, a friend from Russia, and Jim, a friend of the present. The waitress was Russian, and we chatted with her and were friendly. I was not ordering food because I had already eaten, and she said to me meanly, "Я знаю, почему вы не ешьте." I was bothered by this, so later I got up, walked over to her and said to her in a sincere but stern voice, "Я обиделся." I then went to the amusement park/carnival by myself, and met Donald there. I explained to him that I don't mind when people joke about my weight, but her intentionally aggressive tone upset me and I had to leave.


A girl who I sort of have a crush on was featured. The only thing I remember is that she told me she stays up really late and sleeps during the day, so I thought that would be a problem for us, and we wouldn't get to talk much.


In an interesting case of observation affecting experiment, this dream took place in my other Grandmother's bathroom, from where I watched out of the clear, unfrosted window as my grandmother and my mother swam in the pool outside and my Grandma talked about Heroes DVDs.


A blonde woman takes interest in me. At times, she is noticeably older than me and at times she seems closer to my age. She is what might objectively be considered a hot blonde, but she is not someone I would be attracted to in real life. We are in a store and she is affectionate, but I cannot overcome the feeling that it is only because she wants something materially from me. I begin to worry that she will start asking me for things and I will have to buy them to save face, despite the fact that I neither have the money, nor do I consider her someone I would want to be in a relationship with.